Build to do your boring tasks

We are letting you model hosted REST APIs in minutes and take care of the data and content editor panels.
So you can focus on what matters!

Rapid API modelling

Structuring APIs for collecting and delivering data and content with speed and agility with an easy-to-use interface.

  • 17 field types
  • Relationships
  • Search & filters
  • Validation rules (e.g. white labels)
  • CRUD endpoints

Auto-generated editor panels

User-friendly editor panels for your customers and collaborators to manage data and content effectively.

  • Data tables
  • Content editor panels
  • Rich content editor
  • Media and file library
  • Access to your other apps via Zapier

Full API access management

Instant API samples and complete control over who has access to what.

  • Instant code snippets
  • Endpoint visibility (private, public & protected)
  • Security (control access)

Third-party plug & play

Connect your project to the world. Zapier, your custom backend, or any platform that supports webhooks.

  • Add-ons (e.g. RECAPTCHA)
  • Webhooks
  • Compatible with Zapier and many more applications

Fully hosted

We are fully hosted, which means none of the time-consuming devops tasks for you.

  • No updates
  • Zero patches
  • No breaking changes
  • No set-up and configuration time

We are stack agnostic

100% compatible with any frontend or backend with REST endpoints and JSON as data interchange format. Easy to sync with other systems via webhooks.