The fastest way to interface data and content πŸ±β€πŸ’»

Auto-generate user panels for your customers to manage data and content.
Connect to your website or app via our REST APIs. 100% no-code. Fully hosted. Ship in minutes!

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Use case categories

Immediate benefits

Automatic code snippets βš™οΈ

Auto generated code snippets based on your APIs, so that you can copy and integrate in seconds.

System agnostic πŸ’›

100% compatible with any frontend or backend with REST endpoints and JSON as data interchange format. Easy to sync with other systems via webhooks.

Zero maintenance πŸ–

No breaking changes, bugs or data loss through updates, patches or plugins.

Easy as Ο€ πŸ€“

No code, low complexity, API-only, quick starts, and developer-first. Less is more!

Secure πŸ”’

Control endpoints access on your side, and we guarantee highest security standards out of the box for code and servers.

Fairly priced to scale 🌀️

Limited budget but long customer wish list? Focus on creating pristine applications. We will take care of the rest.

The leanest, fastest and most agile way to generate UI for managing content and data